Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Then Came Radiation

When you're a Survivor
Everything you accomplish needs to be celebrated!

Surviving Cancer requires a moment by moment mentality.  If you think about all that lies ahead, you won't have the strength to get through one day.  After I completed my chemotherapy I was given a break and then I began radiation. 5 days on 2 days off.  Thirty-six treatments to be exact. I was told that with radiation I would experience a different kind of tired. What did that mean?  I couldn't analize everything. I just had to take it as it came.  So every day, Monday through Friday someone drove me to have radiation treatments.  My mother was my major caregiver. I lived for the weekends.  Saturday and Sunday were days to recover.

Mom and I at my daughter's wedding
Seven years after chemo and radiation.

Bonnie Mellot a very special friend
who lives 1 1/2 hrs away.

Bonnie called me and said,
"I want to be your "Sunday Angel".
On Sundays she drove over 60 miles to take me somewhere special.  Just to get my mind off of how I felt and to celebrate completing one more week of radiation. Bonnie and I had been friends for over 20 years. Bonnie was the kind of friend that would do the unexpected. Her husband and her dressed up in 50's clothing and arrived late for my 40th Birthday party.

Bonnie could make anything fun. Here she is with another
dear friend, Annie Gable in my kitchen.

Laughter Doeth Good Like a medicine!
Surround yourself with fun-loving people.
When you reach a milestone celebrate! 
You are a Hero

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Deanna Wiseman said...

This song is very special to me.
I heard this song playing on the radio so many times when I was tired and wanted to give up. It made me feel tough. Hold on, You can do all things through Christ on Gives you strength. Phil. 4:13